In the category COMMUNICATIVE PRODUCTS we have won the leading international price: the Promotional Gift Award 2018! Our product the BABY TREE received a lot of applause from the jury and literally took root in the category of communicative products. During the Haptica we received this nice prize and uncorked the bottles of champagne!

Everything you give attention grows

That literally applies to this fruit tree, the Baby Tree. A sustainable and educational product in a beautiful do-it-yourself package, including bamboo stick, nutrition tablet, binding material and birth certificate with a unique code. Log in with this unique code and you will end up in the Baby Tree community or your own business community. In this community you can exchange your stories, recipes and other interesting facts about the Baby Tree. There are various possibilities to personalize the Baby Tree:

  • Sticker on the packaging
  • Hanging label on the tree
  • Personalize the entire box
  • A combination of the above-mentioned personalization options is also possible!

There is a choice of 4 types of fruit; apple, cherry, pear and plum. With a little care and love the tree can grow into a good producing fruit tree. A beautiful symbol for a growing relationship where you can reap the benefits.