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Are you looking for an original gift? Let your Waka Waka print!

Green Earth Products gives you the chance to make an original product even more original. We can print and personalize the Waka Waka Powers + and Waka Waka lights with your logo. This durable gift can be given as a promotional gift or as a promotion tool.

They not only delight the receiver, they also help to make solar energy accessible to families in areas without electricity. WakaWaka Foundation helps families in need in disaster areas and war zones: SHARE THE SUN!

All donations from WakaWaka will go to Sulawesi in the coming period.

WakaWaka Light and WakaWaka Power+

Waka Waka means: bright light in Swahili. The products of solar energy from Waka Waka have the best solar led lamps from the world. The product has a patented, revolutionaire solar technology, which provides light for 16 hours and has to recharge in the sun for only one day. For all Waka Waka Power and Waka light sold: SHARE THE SUN!

If you buy a Waka Waka then you will help to make solar energy available to families without electricity. Over the last 3 years, Waka Waka has reached more than 250,000 households. This means that more than one million people now use Waka Waka products. They are used, among other things, in Syria (refugees from the civil war) Ebola areas and in the Filipines.

WakaWaka Impact Portfolio

1 to 2 million people are no longer connected to the power plant in this world. They are dependent on petroleum lamps for lighting. These lamps are:

  • Dangerously, about 800 accidents occur every day with burns.
  • Unhealthy, hundreds of millions of women and children breathe as much unhealthy air as 2 packets of cigarettes a day.
  • Expensive, the fuel costs about 20% of the income, which they deserve.
  • Poor to the environment, around the world 50% of the total emission from the domestic lighting.