Together with our client The Circular beach we have designed and produced a customized jute bag for the Project De Grondstofjutters project.

The Dutch beaches are getting cleaner: the jute bags of Circulaire Stranden were developed for the collection of garbage in the Dutch coastal regions. “Jutten” means “finding stranded goods” so the eco-friendly jute bags have a double meaning, which is underlined by the imprint.

Beach visitors can pick up the bags at the beach pavilions and restaurants, which can collect garbage during their walk. The reward for returning with a stuffed bag is a cup of coffee or soup. The waste products are then used by the students “Applied Arts” of the University of Amsterdam as a raw material for new products such as umbrellas and beach chairs. In September 2015 a total of 280 kg of waste was collected. The jute is spun in a certified factory and the bags are produced by a branch in India, which is also multi-certified. The material used is compostable and biodegradable.

In addition to the printout, the bag has additional options like the contrasting color of the handle, the choice of sizes and colors. As a result, the jute bag meets all the criteria required for a sustainable advertising message.