Jutten with jute

After a walk through the dunes it’s finally there: the sea! Delight the wind through your hair, snuggle the salty sea air and walk on your bare feet through the soft sand. A nice beach walk can only be disturbed in one way… waste.

Fortunately, people are becoming more aware that waste is in the trash and that we need to be friendlier to our beautiful nature. Still, it remains a challenge to keep the beach and the sea clean.

Noortje Schrauwen and Floor Hendriks have designed a fantastic concept to make the beach visitor a beach jutter. And not just a beach jumper, but a raw material jutter.

A large part of the beach can be recycled, which also is the beginning of the raw materials  jutter. The raw material jutters works on a circular beach where you can start the cycle with finding scrapped material and raw materials are collected and can from new materials.

The beach visitor can pick up a juttas at any of the participating pavilions. This is a jute bag produced by Green Earth Products. From the moment Noortje and Floor approached the jute bags specialist Green Earth Products, they were immediately excited to work with this concept.

Green Earth Products is a big jute bags specialist in Europe. The company has many different models in stock in the Netherlands, but also does many custom projects. The latter was of course ideal for the raw material jutters. The model bag should be as close as possible to the project: a handy bag that sits on your shoulder to take lots of raw materials during the walk. And what’s more fun than getting started with the whole family? Therefore, two models have been chosen: a large bag for adults and a smaller model for the children. The bags remain handy.

A jute bag has been deliberately chosen for the project. Jute has a low CO2 & water footprint. In addition, jute is biodegradable and 100% compostable. Jute is a plant from the Corchurus family and the fibers of the plant are spun to long solid threads. Then it is woven to the fabric as we know, like jute.

Green Earth Products bags are not only durable, but are also manufactured at a factory in India which is fully certified. The factory has three ISO certificates and the SA8000. This shows that the bags are produced in fair terms and safe way. Such a bag can be recognized by the EcoJute label.

Once the striking blue Juttas has been picked up, the wonderful beach walk can start. During the walk, all the waste is collected in the juttas. After you have been exorcised, it can be full

Juttas will be handed in at a participating beach pavilion. As a thank you for the raw material, the beach pavilion is being treated with a cup of coffee or ice cream.

Collecting waste is collected to make new products that are useful at the beach: “A Circular Beach’.

Its great to be able to walk on the beachful beaches. This way everyone can enjoy the bare feet running on the soft sand!

View the options for your own EcoProducts bag, tailor-made.