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Trendy and sustainable Fair Trade products that will attract attention! The fair trade bags and face masks are the ideal promotional gift for companies willing to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility, the products will often be reused.

You will also be able to play a role in helping the environment, because the bags are made of recycled durable material and produced in a fair way!

We can provide all bags and face masks with a logo.
Ask about the possibilities. We are happy to help you.

KNOP NEW organic cotton

Fair Trade bags

Original, sustainable fair trade bags and bicycle bags from Cambodia that will stand out in the street! Durable and environmentally friendly, made out of recycled polypropylene bags from cement factories and fish farms.

We can supply the fair trade bags directly from stock, therefore we can deliver very fast! Printing can be done on the strap or on the inside of the flap. We can even have your bags embroidered!

Fair trade shoulder bags are a perfect promotional gift. Next to that you’ll help the people of Cambodia so that they can earn a living and you’ll help the environment  as the bags are made out of durable recycled material.

On the way to fair trade: Guaranteed WFTO

The production of shoulder bags is 100% Fair Trade according to the World Fair Trade Organization. Many fair trade organizations are affiliated with the World Fair Trade Organization. This organization is a global network for all kind of organizations that promote Fair Trade.

WFTO ensures that organizations that are affiliated with them, can follow training courses and use tools that help their fair trade organization. WFTO also brings together all kind of organizations with the same mindset and goals.

The 10 standards of the WFTO

Organizations affiliated with WFTO must comply with all the 10 standards. These 10 standards are based on the standards of Fair Trade and on the requirements of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

  1. Creating opportunities for manufacturers in an economically disadvantaged situation.
  2. Transparent organization and responsibility towards all parties involved in the organization.
  3. The use of fair trade.
  4. Paying a fair price.
  5. No child labor and no forced labor.
  6. No discrimination, but gender equality and the freedom to join a trade union.
  7. Healthy and safe working conditions, so normal working hours and a hygienic and safe environment.
  8. Supporting the professionalisation of the companies of the producers.
  9. Promoting fair trade.
  10. Attention and respect for the environment.

Read more about our principles, the code of practice, the approach to fair trade and more on the World Fair Trade Organization website.

Fair trade bags with your own label

If you want a customized shoulder bag, we will add your own label to the shoulder bag. This gives you an extra added value to the Fair Trade bags! We are happy to arrange for you to have your  bags to be provided with your corporate identity, logo and/or pay-off.

Your own Fair Trade product

We can design your own original fair trade bag or other fair trade product! Here you have the ability to determine the dimensions and the appearance, you can even make the products in a completely different color. With your own design, your company or brand will definitely be in the spotlight when the bags go public!

Designing your own custom made product is already possible from 500 pieces. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote for custom made bags!

Respect for People & Nature

Green Earth Products stands for FAIR TRADE, fair products, manufactured in a fair way. We think that is important. Read more about it

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