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The woven combination of jute and cotton provides a luxurious look for these bags and pouches! JuCo consists of 75% of jute and 25% cotton.

 Convenient, durable and practical are these JuCo Pouches. Printed with a logo or slogan, it’s fun to give away and recieve!

A trendy, durable JuCo bag printed with your logo will draw everyone’s attention. You are responsible because these products are made of durable material and are produced in a fair way! We deliver the bags and pouches directly from the stock in the Netherlands, so we garantee very fast deliveries

Juco bags are modern and trendy

Juco is a unique combination of very strong jute and smooth cotton. The merging of these two natural products makes the juco bags very durable. Strong and durable, an ideal advertising carrier for different industries. The woven combination of Jute and Cotton provides a luxurious look of these bags and pouches! JuCo = Jute + cotton and consists of 75% jute and 25% cotton.

JuCo bags and pouches printed with a logo, company name or slogan are fun to give away and to get. A JuCo bag printed with your logo will stand out and draw attention. Printed bags are the ideal promotional gift because the bags will be reused very often. The material can be printed very detailed, due to the fine structure of the fabric.

  • JuCo is durable, reusable and therefore environmentally friendly
  • JuCo leaves a low carbon dioxide footprint
  • Juco leaves a low water footprint
  • JuCo is Cradle to Cradle
  • JuCo is biodegradable
  • JuCo bags are extremely strong
  • JuCo bags are modern & trendy!

JuCo is produced in a fair way.

Giving Juco = giving something reasonable!

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