Correctbook A6

Correctbook A6, a handy disc binding notebook with pen holder, a black 0.6mm Correctbook marker and special eraser, similar to a whiteboard in writing. All written notes will dry within a second. You decide whether you leave notes, without it staining, or erasing with the cleaning cloth.

A disc binding in which you can take out and put in the pages. Important data can be digitally stored, organized and shared with the free Correctbook app. Write infinitely at the office and give a unique promotional gift to your customers and share endless writing with children in need.

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    Product information Correctbook A6

    • A full color printed cover entirely in own color and design
    • 40 whiteboard pages blank or lined
    • At extra cost with dots, squares, to-do sheets or printed with your own logo on every page.

    • Delivery time: from stock unprinted 2 to 3 days, printed 2 weeks
    • MOQ: 50 pieces
    • Number per box: 100
    • Size: 14,8 × 10,5 cm
    • Weight: 125 g
    • SKU: CBA6
    • Price: on request

    Correctbook, for home and office use

    During office hours, people write down a lot. Quick notes of a phone call, a phone number, an idea or an important appointment are often first written down on paper and then digitized. This wastes a lot of paper unnecessarily and Correctbook offers the solution!

    A Correctbook is a notebook that you can write in indefinitely. This works as follows: a Correctbook has special sheets and an accompanying pen with which notes can be erased. The Correctbook can therefore be the last notebook you need to buy and can also be personalized!

    Correctbook; erasable and reusable notebooks

    The Correctbook A6 is a handy notebook with a binding where all pages can go in and out. Includes a holder with a pen with special eraser and a wiping cloth. Comparable to a whiteboard in writing form. All written notes dry within a second. You decide whether you want to leave notes without smudging or erase them. Important data can be digitally stored, organized and shared with the free Correctbook app. Write endlessly and give a unique promotional gift to your customers and share endless writing with children in need.

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