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Surprise and delight your customers with the Baby Tree.
A durable and educational product in a DIY package including bamboo stick, bottom pile, binding material and birth certificate. With a little care and love, the tree can grow into a well-producing fruit tree.

There are 4 fruit types; apple, cherry, pear and plum. A baby tree can be planted in the garden, in a pot and is also suitable for balcony.

There are several options to customize the packaging and the label of the tree.

Baby Tree concept

• Learn how to grow your own fruit tree.
• Get free step-by-step instructional videos on the Baby Tree Community.
• All ingredients present in a Do-It-Yourself packaging.
• Share your findings with fellow breeders on the Baby Tree Community.
• Pick your own fruit.
• Species: Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry.
• 100% fun.

Core values ​​Baby Tree:

  • Learn how to grow your own fruit tree.
  • Choice of Apple, Cherry, Pear or Plum.
  • Suitable for garden, patio and pot.
  • Online animation and instructional videos.
  • Free bamboo stick, nutrition tablet, binder and birth certificate.
  • Several ways to personalize.