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Organic olive oil with a story

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Organic olive oil with a story

The olive oil comes from the organic olive groves of the farmers on Lesbos. The farmers receive a fair price for their olive oil. This allows them to continue to invest in sustainable olive oil with the unique taste of the kolovi olive. In addition, with every bottle you give a meal to a refugee family.

Organic olive oil with an honest story

With the purchase of this organic extra virgin olive oil the olive farmers on Lesbos get a fair price and you give a meal to a refugee family.

Fair olive oil

The olive oil comes directly from the farmers of the Modousa social cooperative on Lesbos. These farmers make organic premium extra virgin olive oil from the Kolovi olive. Because of the Mediterranean character, the minerals in the soil of Gera, the Kolovi olive and the way of producing, the particularly good quality of this olive oil is achieved. The scent is fruity and the colour beautifully golden.

The taste of the olive oil

Organic olive oil to prepare dishes or as a base for dip, dressing or marinade. The olive oil has a full but mild taste. Because of this it tastes good with salads, pastas, fish and (sourdough) bread. Also delicious with a baguette during drinks. The farmers work with a lot of passion and respect for nature and society: from olive grove to bottling and labelling. The olive oil is rich in antioxidants. After harvesting, the olives are cold-pressed in the village within a few hours using modern equipment for the purest results. There is no heating. As a result, no flavour is lost. There are no additives in the organic olive oil, it is 100% pure olive oil from the Kolovi olive. The acidity is below 0.8%. And because this olive oil is also made from the first harvest, it is a premium extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil for charity

We opted for direct trade with the farmers instead of working with intermediaries. This allows the farmers to receive a fair price and they are guaranteed a decent income. The olive oil is organic. This is more labour intensive and produces less olive oil per hectare than non-organic cultivation. The fair price for the farmer is based on this.

More than 20,000 men, women and children are living in overcrowded refugee camps on Lesbos. These people cross the unpredictable sea by boat from Turkey. The locals rescued many people from the water, gave them dry clothes and distributed food. Because of the situation tourists stay away. There is hardly any flow of new people to the mainland. The local population is hit hardly by unemployment and an unstable economy.

home for all2
A refugee family eats a delicious meal in restaurant Home for all. 

Home for All is a social charity kitchen that supports the refugee community with love, dignity and respect. “If you can help, just do it!”

Olijfhelden (Olive Heroes) is a social enterprise and was founded in 2019. Its mission is to help boat refugees on Lesbos through fair trade with the olive farmers. The idea came about through volunteering in the camps on Lesbos. The olive farmers wanted to give them a helping hand. By selling the organic olive oil of the olive farmers in the Netherlands, the olive farmers and new people are helped.

✓ Order organic olive oil quickly and surprise your customers with a sustainable product!

Modousa, the cooperative on Lesbos, Greece

Advantages of each bottle of olive oil sold

  • stimulus for the local economy
  • increase employment
  • a nutritious meal is given to a refugee on Lesbos

The bottle

The organic olive oil comes in a chic bottle of 200ml and 500ml. The dark green glass ensures that the quality of the olive oil remains optimal.

The label on the bottle is the design of the son of one of the farmers of the social cooperative Modousa. We would like to give the farmers the recognition they deserve. That’s why we work with their label and only the logo of Olive Heroes has been added. In this way it is recognizable that the product meets our principles of a fair product, fair price and fair deed.

Personalise Olive Oil

We can personalise a hangtag, which is attached to the neck of the bottle by means of a string. A full colour card to fill in as you wish.

The label on the bottle itself can also be adjusted to your own wishes. The Modousa logo is always on the front.

We can also supply a durable jute gift packaging (with or without printing) for the bottle. This gives the olive oil an extra sustainable touch. Take a look at our range of gift packaging.

A combination of personalisation options is of course also possible.

The olive oil is a beautiful and healthy gift for a broad target group. Can be used as a business gift at many times of the year. As a thank-you gift, end-of-year gift, Christmas present or as a summer giveaway. Choose something else than a bottle of wine or champagne! A bottle of organic olive oil is an honest and sustainable product to support your marketing.

Ask about the possibilities for personalised organic olive oil. Call or mail us and we will be happy to advise you!

✓ Fair trade, fair price, fair meal! With our organic extra virgin olive oil the olive farmers on Lesbos get a fair price and you give a meal to refugees.

Ask us about the options for your printed face masks. Call or email us and we are happy to advise you!


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Certainly! We can personalise the bottles with your logo or advertising slogan by means of full-colour printing on the label or a hangtag. This makes both text and images and logos possible. 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 colour printing is also possible.

We are happy to make a customized quote for you free of charge! Would you like to print a large amount of bottles/hangtags? Then we can give a (digital) sample of how the finished product will turn out.

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Sustainable product:
The olive oil comes from the organic olive groves of the farmers on Lesbos.


Make the world more beautiful! Support the Greek olive farmers and refugees by buying the fair and delicious olive oil.


Unique question or challenge? Beautiful packaging? Original hangtag? We love that. No request is too crazy for us.


Fast delivery. We have large stocks of bottles of olive oil. This allows us to deliver the bottles quickly to any address.