Grown Cress, scissors

Cresses are freshly sprouted plants, mini herbs & superfoods in one. It is best to use specially developed scissors to harvest the cresses. Handy scissors to cut the thin and fine stems.

Cress scissors properties:

  • black metal handle
  • Sk5 black carbon steel blade
  • Cut & Eat your cresses immediately
  • Easy to use
  • Best hand wash
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    Product information Cresses scissors

    • Delivery time: from stock unprinted 2 to 3 days
    • MOQ: 100 pcs.
    • Number per box: 240
    • Size: 10 x 4,0 cm
    • Weight: 17 g
    • SKU: CRB005
    • Price: on request

    Grown Cress scissors

    Grow your own cress at home, with or without green fingers. Real vitamin bombs, also known as microgreens. Cresses are delicious on a sandwich, in soup, as a base for a pesto or as a garnish with a meal. The trays are 100% FAIR and made of biodegradable material.

    Cresses are small plants with edible leaves that contain an enormously concentrated flavor. A real flavor enhancer!

    We can supply a handy little pair of scissors with which you can harvest the cresses. Nice extra with this original give away.

    ✓ DIY, sustainable, nutritious and healthy!

    Order cresses quickly and surprise your customers with a truly sustainable product!

    How do you grow cresses?

    Cress grows very easily, but cresses need more than a little water on a cotton ball. They germinate best in a dark and humid climate, for which we have made a semi-transparent lid. The plants grow on a bed of a kind of wood fiber, which contains extra nutrients.

    Watch the instruction video on the right>

    Cress grow cup, grow kit and letterbox envelope

    The compostable cardboard cup + lid can be personalized with a paper custom logo sticker (from 100 pieces). Paper instruction flyer in 2 languages ​​(Dutch or English) for your customers. Coconut fiber breeding ground and of course the bags with Cress seeds (flavors: Broccoli, Radish, Cress, Rocket or Mustard)

    The compostable cardboard cup + lid can be personalized with a paper custom logo sticker (from 100 pieces). Paper instruction flyer in languages ​​(Dutch or English) for your customers. Coconut fiber breeding ground and of course the bags of Cress seeds (flavors: Broccoli, Radish, Cress, Arugula or Mustard)

    In the Cresses series we have a grow cup, a grow kit of 3 cups and an envelope suitable as a mailing / letterbox post.

    Inquire about the possibilities for your printed Grown cress growing cups. Call or email us and we will be happy to advise you!

    Our products can be printed with your logo

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