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Surprise your relations with a DIY cress grow kit with surprising flavours. A sustainable and nutritious product in a do-it-yourself packaging including biodegradable cup, coconut fibre soil, seeds and instruction flyer.

With the right care, you can harvest in a week!

There is a choice of 5 cresses; Garden (cress), Daikon (rettich), Rocket, Brocco (raw broccoli) and Red Mustard (mild mustard with notes of cauliflower). Real seasonings for all dishes!

Personalize your Cresses cup, grow kit or envelope! We can personalize the cresses with your logo.

Ask for the possibilities, we are happy to tell you more about it.

Grown Cresses, real seasonings

  • grow your own vitamin bombs.
  • mini herbs & superfoods in one, indispensable in every kitchen
  • free of E numbers
  • substitute for pepper, salt and other flavour enhancers
  • all ingredients are present in a Do-It-Yourself packaging
  • grows in a sustainable biodegradable cup
  • harvest your own cresses after just a week!
  • 5 surprising flavours
  • Available as a separate cup, as a grow kit with 3 cups or as an envelope

Germination phase:

Growing becomes easy again. However, it does not happen completely by itself. A dark and humid climate is desirable for the germination of the seeds. For this it is important to put the lid on for the first 2 to 4 days*. Take a look under the lid every now and then: do the seeds have a small stem? Then the lid can be removed, so that the cresses can grow into fresh and healthy seasonings.

* It depends on the type of cress how long the germination phase lasts and when the cress can be harvested.

The cresses do not need water during the first days when the lid is on the cup. If you have thoroughly moistened the coconut tablet with 200ml of water, then it will be wet enough for the first 2-3 days. A dark and humid climate is desirable for the germination of the seeds. If the soil feels dry, it helps to spray the seeds 2 or 3 times with a plant spray.

Growing tips

Light is very important during the growth of your cresses. Find a light spot for the breeding cup. Apart from that, the cresses need their night’s rest, just like in nature. It is best to place the cups in a bright place in the house, close to the window. Direct sunlight is not necessarily. The kitchen is of course also a convenient place, close to the dishes you will be making!

Water is also a key factor. For example, it is important that the substrate is thoroughly wet before you start sowing. Moist soil activates the germination process. Make sure there is always enough water. If you want to help the plants a little extra, spray them occasionally with a plant sprayer with drinking water. Cresses are always thirsty!

Temperature can strongly influence the growth of the cress. That is why the right temperature is desired. This is between 18 and 22 degrees, which is about the average living room temperature. That is why the Grow Cup has an open design.

Nutrition: We use substrate instead of soil. This substrate consists of coconut fibres for the Grow Cups. As an advantage, this material has a good capillary effect and therefore absorbs and retains a lot of water, and also ensures a very clean way of growing. Moreover, this natural material also provides food for the plants as well, so that they can become “big” and strong.

Harvesting of cresses

Are the seeds well moist during the germination phase and do they get enough water and light after the lid is off? Then the cresses are ready to harvest after an average of 7 days.

  • Garden Cress – 6 days
  • Daikon Cress – 6 days
  • Arugula Rocket Cress – 7 days
  • Brocco Cress – 7 days
  • Red Mustard Cress – 8 days

The cresses are at their best after 7 days! They then protrude about 5 cm above the edge of the cup. Cut or cut them at the height of the edge of the cup, because the stems are just as tasty!

Do you see some white small hairs / down between the seeds during the first few days? Do not be afraid, this is not mold. These are the first roots that then go into the ground. After +/- 7 days, the cresses are ready to harvest. If you leave the cresses on for much longer, neglect could cause mold.

After harvesting, a few new cresses might grow, which grew in a second layer under the large cresses. If the container cup is completely bare, the soil can be disposed of with the compost. You can wipe the inside of the cup with a damp paper and sow new cresses with a refill.

Variants and personalize Grown Cresses

Cresses are available in 3 packaging variants:

  • single cup
  • grow kit of 3 cups
  • envelope

The single cup is a fantastic giveaway at, for example, a trade fair, opening, open day or as an addition to a Christmas or end-of-year package. The grow kit is wonderful as a giveaway in December, for prospects, customers and staff. Or as an anniversary gift. Finally, the envelope is ideal as a mailing article for your target group.

Personalisation options cresses:

  • We can provide the front of the cup with a full colour sticker. We can print your logo, as well as a photo and / or text.
  • The grow kit contains 3 cups which we can provide with your logo. As well as the outer box of the grow kit, we can provide a full colour print.
  • The envelope can be personalised with a sticker.