BE O bottle printed water bottles

Surprise your customers with a BE O water bottle. A sustainable water bottle with a mission.
BE O bottle strives for a world where people are conscious of the environment in which we actively reduce the frequent amount of disposable plastic waste.

BE O bottle is the perfect way to communicate your brand, you can choose from 2 colors.
Refillable water bottles printed with your logo, an original and socially responsible give away.

Actively contribute to a sustainable and clean environment.
Inspire your customers in a responsible way and communicate the message of sustainable living with the BE O brand!
Perfect as a gift, promotional item or for use at the workplace.


BE O is changing the plastic industry by developing products from renewable materials such as sugar cane, elephant grass, cassava and algae. BIOPLASTIC!

The BE O bottles are made from residual materials of Brazilian sugarcane instead of crude oil. The sugarcane is first used for sugar and bioethanol. The bottles are made from the remainder and coloured with natural pigments.

Make the world sugar-sweet and oil-free.
With printed BE O water bottles, your company accelerates the transition to the new, good plastic. For every BE O bottle sold, a tree is planted by Trees for the Future.


Be original & unique and choose a combination of the options below to personalize your BE O bottle!

The personalization options on the white and black water bottles are endless:

  • printed with your logo on the cap
  • printed on the body of the bottle with your logo and / or marketing slogan
  • sleeve with its own full color printing from 125 pieces
  • choose your own color ring from 2,500 bottles (standard white or black)


Make your BE O bottle your own with the different ways of personalizing!

BE O black how does it work

Advantages of a BE O bottle

  • Three separate parts, so easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe up to 65°C/149°F
  • All drinks without bubbles are welcome: water, lemonade or juices. Even alcoholic drinks up to 13% can be bottled. Be careful with carbonated drinks, the pressure can cause a leak
  • Free from BPA & other chemicals, no plastic smell & taste
  • Food safe, refillable and 100% recyclable
  • Modular, 40% space saving
  • Available in 2 colors; black and white

✓ The BE O bottle is the ideal bottle for tap water and is designed to reduce the amount of disposable bottles.
View the functionalities!

The concept of the BE O bottle

  • Almost all the plastic in the world (99%) is made from crude oil. Now a smart way has been developed to produce sustainable plastic products from natural, renewable materials.
  • If it is up to BE O, we will soon be living in a world where people are aware of the environment, where we are actively reducing the amount of disposable plastic waste.
  • For every BE O bottle sold, a tree is planted by Trees for the Future. This way you’ll reduce your impact on climate change even more!
  • Personalize your BE O bottle with a beautiful design and make this bottle your sustainable business card.
  • Spread the message with your own BE O bottle. You no longer need disposable plastic bottles, that saves a lot of waste. Durable, practical and beautiful!

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