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  • Baby Tree Cherry
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  • Baby Tree Cherry
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  • Baby Tree Cherry
  • Baby Tree PMG2018
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Baby Tree Cherry

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Personalization possibilities

The fruit bough is placed in a well-designed box, which contains information about the Baby Tree. The box of the Baby Tree can be personalized in different ways;

  • A personal sticker can be added to the front of the box. This is a custom-made sticker in full colour.
  • In the top part of the box you will find a birth certificate, nutrition tablet and binding material. In this top part of the box there is some space left for a personalized card 98 x 98 mm.
  • On the tree itself there can be placed a hangtag with the dimensions 55 x 85 mm.
  • Next to all the standard personalization options we offer you the possibility to order the Baby Tree with a completely personalized outer box. Completely branded in your own company style, for this we have a special template available.
  • Combining the above mentioned customization methods can be done as well.
    Please ask for the options; it’s our job to give you the best advise on the most suitable way to customize the box or the tree according to your corporate identity.

Baby Tree Community

Share your findings with fellow breeders on the Baby Tree Community. Each Baby Tree packaging contains a unique code that allows you to log in to the Community:

Described step by step, supported with online animation and instruction films, how to plant a Baby Tree fruit tree and maintain it well. Receive free growth assistance from grower Pim. You also get a look behind the scenes, how are things going at the nursery of the fruit trees. Fun and educational!
Share your reactions, ask questions and let your graft grow into a healthy and producing fruit tree!

Do you want your own business community? That is possible too. Ask about the possibilities.

Personal characters

To make it more personal, each version of the Baby Tree gets its personal character. This is “Nova the Cherry Tree”; cultivated in the nursery with love and care. Now it’s up to you to grow her into a big and healthy tree.
Nova receives a birth certificate with his native country, length and Latin name. For the new “parents” online space has been reserved to keep up with its growth.

The birth certificate contains a unique number that you can register online for tips and step-by-step cultivation guidance. In this way you learn how to care for your baby tree.

The cherry tree Nova’s cherry is characterized by its dark red fruit that shines well and tastes delicious. In addition to the beautiful fruits, this tree also has a number of attractive ornamental values, such as the beautiful orange red autumn coloring and the white blossom that gives this tree.

The cherries can be eaten from the tree, and can be used for tasty cakes or pies. They are also suitable for making homemade fruit jam!

Looking for other fruit?

View our range of fruit trees:

Shipping periods

The Baby Tree is ready for delivery from +/- 1st of November until the end of June and the beginning of July. Because the product is perishable we advise to plant the Baby Tree in the ground within two weeks’ time. After two weeks the box will become too small for the Baby Tree as it will outgrow the box.

Because of this small time period of where the Baby Tree has to be shipped and plant in the ground we offer the possibility to keep stock of your boxes so you can ship your Baby Tree whenever needed.

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Questions? Please contact us.
T: +31 88 77 39 339 or E-Mail BTcherry


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